Padyn Humble 

missoula, montana 

1. handiwork
plaster cast figurine, styrofoam, chains, latex paint, master locks, hook,
112 cm x 89 cm x 31 cm, 2017

2. Love me not lounge
welded frame, packing tape, flower petals, silicone, astroturf, found column bases, hardware, cherub figurine, acrylic paint. Subject to decay. 73x45x14”,  2020 

3. blowin’ in the breeze (front)
cardboard, paper mache, wood, canvas, latex paint, cotton string, glitter, leather holster, oats, pinwheels, 114 cm x 64 cm x 58 cm, 2018

4. blowin’ in the breeze (back)

5. sunning or basking, otherwise known as sunbathing (detail)
cardboard, paper, mache, wood, spackle, acrylic paint, polyurethane, pvc, dolphin figure, plastic sheeting, pond pump, water, steel rod, plastidip, clip light with yellow bulb, 2020