Niklas Loitsch

vienna, austria



Social experiences are more and more digital experiences in our generation.
Photos, videos, chats. But it's not easy to distinguish between reality and algorithm in bits and bytes. Thanks to trained networks and artificial intelligence it is possible to create life. At least in zeros and ones.

So let us ask ourselves the question: I SEE LIFE, OR DO I!?

Pictures imagined by a GAN
(generative adversarial network)
StyleGAN2 (Dec 2019) - Karras et al. and Nvidia

Niklas Loitsch uses a database of people born through algorithms. The depicted faces do not exist in our reality.

Q: How does that make you feel about our future? How do we deal with identity? Is it secure, individual and non-reproducible? What danger, if one exists for you, could arise from this technology?

A: I have hopes for the technology of the future, as I find it fascinating what a few processors can do today already.

Identity is a question of definition; to make it secure one has to rely on non-fakeable parameters as DNA or fingerprints as others are almost too easy to reproduce or manipulate - the only safe part of identity in the modern age is our body. Under the right circumstances; I do not see any dangerous aspects in the development of new technologies and learning algorithms - one could easily see the positive and productive ways those technologies can be and are already used.“