Ernst van Hoek

berlin, germany



adonis series 
1. boy in chaps
2. braids
3. cowboy
4. devil
5. heels
6. kiss
7. nailshoney
8. opendoorpolicy
9. tongues

series 2
1. junior in the sun
2. mensch eins
3. hand in hand 
4. marsha p johnson
5. pien en esteban
6. vincent tiberius 
7. untitled 
8. bow

“My practice embodies the experiences I have with people in the marginalised queer community – both on and offline. It’s no stretch to say that queerness continues to render one an outlaw in society. And in light of Walter Arlens’ question as to whether one should take the last tram at night, I foresee a deeper meaning: to stay or to go? To hide or to resist? Given the disturbing circumstances our world is currently facing, I consider it a matter of utmost urgency to speak out now. Just as Arlen had the foresight to flee Nazi Austria in 1939, we must look out for how our freedoms might be stripped from us and to resist the encroachments of fascism and oppression. In any case, the dark cloud did not arise in 2020 – it only became more visible.”

“Inspired by Henri Matisse and since the beginning of the coronavirus designer and artist Ernst van Hoek has started exploring the world of the paper cut-outs. He approaches the creation of imagery in a personal and unique manner, with a bright and contrasting use of colour. A wide range of sources, photographs or real objects inspire his fascination (especially) with contemporary representation of the queer body. Van Hoek sees the creation of the cut-outs as learning a new language, a way of communicating between artist and audience, maker and client. He sees this art as a medium where he is open to collaborate with fellow artists, designers and other creators.”