Aylin Derya Stahl

berlin, germany

35mm / cyanotype

Blue is the colour of everything far away
— Rebecca Solnit, A Fieldguide to Getting Lost

“Thinking about the expression „The Last Blue One“ this statement from Rebecca Solnit came to my mind immediately. I treated „far away“ not necessarily in a geographical sense but rather in an emotional way, visualising the deep blue of dreams, the desires they hold and therefore inevitably also a distance, a distance that we often treat like a problem to be solved.

The work titled „From Sleepwalking to Awakening“ deals with the desire to remain in a place that does not really exist in a physical form. It is a map of dark blue images, one sewn into another, picturing the vague forms of a rooms interior illuminated by milky moonlight.

The sleepwalker appears in the scene like a ghost, walking in two worlds at the same time - and one second later, with the dream still drumming in her ears, another reality unfolds again.
What remains but the silhouette of a fading story, the impression of something that used to be there? That used to be there but is gone now, with the last bit of blue, as if it had never really existed.

To close it with Solnit’s words: „Blue is the colour of longing for distances you never arrive in, for the blue world.“

The desire remains. Something is always far away.”